Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

woman in gray tank top showing distress

Teenagers and young adults may need psychotherapy for multiple reasons. This population may be going through more than they are willing to share, and early prevention can help before problems worsen. During these pivotal years, adolescents and young adults often gain independence, leading to a shift in the parent-child dynamics. Altering relationships with peers, pressure to fit in, interact socially with others, sexual exploration, and romantic relationships are also common experience. Additionally, this is a time when one is beginning to discover their identity, may be struggling with issues of self-esteem, pressure to engage in substance and alcohol use, manage school demands, and entering the work force.

As your therapist, I can support you in identifying problems, finding solutions, and developing coping skills to tolerate, reduce, and/or more effectively manage the issues that led you to seeking therapy. I will incorporate interventions and concepts from cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational intervening, person-centered therapy, and solution focused treatment. Drawing on the unique strengths of the individual is also imperative to overcoming challenges.


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